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Handcrafted, artisan, vintage. Etsy store owners are a creative bunch, and we want to make it easy for store owners to reach new audiences who can appreciate their hard work. While we aren’t affiliated with Etsy, we like sharing the latest high-quality giveaways with our subscribers.

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Why Etsy giveaways?

If you love finding cute or creative products, then you already know that Etsy is a great place to find handmade products. Sometimes, Etsy Store owners have a great product, but they have a hard time reaching an audience. It means that people might be missing out on some potentially great product ideas. Giveaways help store owners reach new people, like you!

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Are you running a giveaway?

If you’re an Etsy Store owner and you’re running a giveaway, here is your chance to find a new audience outside of your current reach who are very interested in handcrafted, artisan, and vintage products. Give us all the details on this form, and we’ll be happy to share it with our audience.

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“Marketly helped us building our client relation as well as our email list”

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